Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Sometimes in life, it's just about the little things.

For instance...

Listening to an old CD from high school with some oldies but goodies.

Discovering new music. And bands like The Civil Wars.

Cranking up the music, rolling down the windows and singing at the top of your lungs on a beautiful summer's night.

Starting your day off right with a caramel frappucino.
Source: Jhino Photography

Finding a pair of heels at Target that you've been eyeing for months on sale for $6 (marked down from $25)!
Eating lunch with my dad every day. Which includes getting home made BLTO's (Bacon Lettuce Tomato Onion) from my aunt.

Taking a road trip to Columbia for work on a beautiful day.

Having your seven-year-old sister call you on HER birthday asking you if you got her any presents.

Getting a new phone (for free) lap top (from my parents) and camera (from my mom), all within a few weeks.

Actually contributing to my trivia team, the Hairy Trumans, with an answer from left field.

Did you know that Stevie Ray Vaughn died in a helicopter crash in 1990? Me neither. But it was my best guess and I got it right! My dad was so proud of me he gave me this CD.

Winning our first ever soccer game (also the Hairy Trumans). And the play off game the week after that (never mind that it was against the same team).
Happy hour with good friends.

Making cookies with my little brother and sisters.

Discovering Pinterest. Obsessed.

One of your best friends offering you free VIP box seats to the Lil Wayne concert tomorrow night!

Pretty flowers.Finding out your presentation proposal on social media was accepted for a national conference (NCMPR). Which also means I'll be heading back to San Francisco next year!

Knowing that fall is just around the corner. Which means pumpkin-spiced coffee, football, scary movies, and boots.

I'm telling you... it's these little things that make the world go round! What are you grateful for?

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